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Air Purifiers v Pet Allergies. Let’s cut straight to it... 

YES!! When air purifiers and pet allergies go paw to paw, advanced aeronautical inspired technology rather unsurprisingly triumphs over mere nature. 

At Airify, we stand on the frontline of the fight against pet allergies. 

Our range of cutting edge, Airvia manufactured Air Purifiers work not only to remove airborne toxins and bacteria found in our homes, offices and the places which we visit daily, but are also specifically designed to eradicate pet dander, the source of all that itching, sneezing, coughing and wheezing. 

But why do we suffer pet allergies in the first place and how exactly do air purifiers help? 

Let’s look at the science... 

Pet allergies are triggered by our furry and feathered family members in a variety of different ways. 

Carrying tiny particles of dust and dirt on their coats, shedding of skin flakes and depositing bodily fluids each time your friend licks your hand or has an accident all contribute to an unhappy set of circumstances for allergy sufferers. 

Foreign proteins found in domestic animals skin secretions, saliva and urine wreak havoc on the immune systems of up to 15% of the human population, instigating the mad scramble for handkerchiefs and soothing creams. 

Removing the allergens from the air space permanently allows Airify customers to be preventative rather than reactionary to their allergies. 

State of the art HEPA filters found in the Airvia Aero 100 and the premium Airvia Aero 150 purifier model, suck 99.97 per cent of microparticles from the immediate vicinity. They are also capable of trapping all forms of pet hair and skin deposits. 

The fight against pet allergies is also aided by ionization technology. Enabled air purifiers diffuse negatively charged ions into the air, which attach themselves to positively charged allergens in the atmosphere, working to suffocate and stifle the irritant. 

Our products also provide Photocatalysis and UV Sterilization capability that efficiently works to neutralise bacteria that can live and breed within the air we breathe. 

This three-pronged approach combining filtration, ionization and sterilisation represents the only truly efficient way of attaining air harmony and obliterating the scourge of pet allergies. 

With asthmatics and those diagnosed with respiratory difficulties twice as likely to be impaired, Airify air purifiers provide an assured first line of defence – keeping clients safe and the air they breathe clean.