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Do Air Purifiers Work?

Air purifiers, in general, do exactly what they say on the tin. In isolation, the question – do air purifiers work? - is a relatively simple one to answer. But like everything in life, there will be things that certain air purifiers will be capable of achieving that other models and brands may simply not be able to do. Before committing to a purchase, there is benefit in buyers weighing up the options on the market. Giving thought to what they want their air purifier to achieve and the environment in which they are looking to achieve it is key, as well as understanding the limitations.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

The essential mechanics of an air purifier are quite straight forward: A fan sucks in untreated air. A filtering process takes place. An “enhanced” brand of air is expelled back into the immediate environment. Key to the quality and efficiency of any air purifier is the level of filtering process it goes through. Standard filtration processes result in a standard quality of purified air. More complex and varied levels of filtration, such as the 8-step process found in the AIRVIA Aero models, are specifically designed to produce opti- mum levels of air quality. 

Filter Replacement

Air purifiers essentially live and die on the quality of their filters with maintenance and replacement a key consideration when purchasing an air purifier. Frequency of use and the environment in which an air purifier is placed will dictate how often a filter will need replacing. Most high-end filters require annual replacement

What Air Purifiers Do And Don’t Do 

Air purifiers perform well when it comes to removing even the most microparticle pollutants from the air. The harmful effects of dust, smoke, pollen and even infectious diseases, such as Coronavirus and other air-borne viruses can be combatted by an air purifier. However, they do have their limitations. Air purifiers will not resolve allergies. They won’t cure asthma or any chronic respiratory disorder for that matter. They simply work to ensure the air quality sufferers are forced to breathe in is of a higher quality. Volatile organic compounds – or VOCs – found in paints and strong cleaning agents, are gaseous pollut- ants that air purifiers can’t filter adequately. And if it’s a mould issue you have, humidifiers (or dehumidifi- ers) should be your first port of call. 

Time to Buy?

Air purifier technology works to achieve a range of goals. Airify products help to monitor, regulate, but pri- marily “clean” the air we breathe. If breathing cleaner air in your home or workspace is your goal, be sure to contact us for consultation.