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HEPA Filters & The Best Air Purifiers For Allergies

In any sentence that carries the phrase best air purifier for allergies”, you can bet that the term HEPA filter follows not too far behind. 

HEPA – or High-Efficiency Particulate Air – filters are the gold standard in air purifier technology with the capability of removing virtually all particles measuring 0.3 micrometres or larger from the air within where it sits. That equates to up to 99.97% of the nanoparticles that occupy the air space around us. 

This is welcome news for anyone who suffers from allergies - more people than what you might think. Up to 15% of the total human population is thought to have their immune systems react adversely to allergens including dust mite excretion, pollen and pet dander. Moreover, asthma sufferers are twice as likely to suffer from allergies as those without respiratory conditions. 

Incredibly, indoor air can be up to twice as polluted as outdoor air with irritant particles such as dust, mould and chemicals found in cleaning products saturating not only the air which we breathe but clinging to fabrics and furniture throughout households and workplaces. 

At Airify, our products are designed not just with the most advanced HEPA filter technology but sever- al other cutting-edge features to neutralise and sterilise allergen threats in spaces of up to 150m2. 

The AIRVIA Aero model not only purifies the air but ionises it – diffusing negatively charged ions into areas to stifle the onset of positively charged allergens. 

Photocatalysis – the act of immobilising germs, microbes, fungi and bacteria through light – is achieved using state of the art UV technology to effectively sterilise the air in the area also. In fact, our products employ up to eight separate technologies to ensure optimum air harmony. 

For more information on Airify products and accessories, please contact us at your convenience. 

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