About Us

Airify is an independent air purification supply company based in the United Kingdom. With a strong belief that everybody has the right to clean air, Airify are passionate about innovating and distributing the very best air purification technology in the market.

Having spent two years researching the best air purification filtration systems we have come across some new and interesting products. Not only can they filtrate air they can also monitor and measure various gases. This enables us to test the air quality. We have a range of products to cater for all different area spaces albeit in the home or at work.

These innovative new products can provide clean air to your homes, schools, hospitals, dental practises, offices and much much more. Not only do they filtrate the air they help keep viruses, bacteria and mould at bay. 

The majority of products on our website have been created by inventors and scientists who have a passion and strong belief there is a great health benefit to these filters.

Not only do we provide the product but we also maintain and supply replacement filters and parts.

Airify Logo

"Airify is an all-in-one solution for air quality problems in a wide range of market sectors.
Air pollution is everywhere, but so is Airify. And our mission is to provide clean air to everyone"

-Chris Taylor, CEO Arifiy